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People are baffled by the number of water bottles Harry and Meghan were given in Ireland


When you have fancy guests coming over, it’s only normal to lay on a good spread. You put out your good china and the poshest biscuits you can find. 

Well, that certainly seems to have been the case when Harry and Meghan popped over to Dublin for the Royal Visit to Ireland and got treated to an inordinate amount of bottled water. 

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Taoiseach Leo Varadkar welcomed the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex to the government buildings on Tuesday. 

Photos from one part of the visit caused a bit of a stir, with many pointing out the ridiculous quantity of water bottles — all 14 of them — laid out for the duke and duchess. 

Kevin Doyle, political editor at the Irish Independent, tweeted that he hadn’t been able to confirm whether Harry and Meghan drank “any of the 14 bottles of water.” 

Jokes abounded about the abundance of water. 

Jokes aside, some people were quick to point out that Ireland is currently in the midst of a heatwave and a hosepipe ban is being enforced. 

Well, they certainly won’t be complaining of thirst anytime soon.

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