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Rustin High graduates encouraged to celebrate present, prepare for future


WESTTOWN >> Rustin High School valedictorian Minh-Tuan Le told her fellow 309 graduates that they should not anticipate the happiness.

“Let’s always live in it,” Minh Tuan Le said last week. “If we can master the present, we’ll always be prepared for the future.

“And most importantly, let’s not forget to have fun. Think back to elementary school. The real winners are the ones who have the most fun. Let’s not let the woes of adult life distract us from enjoying ourselves.”

She told her fellow Knights dressed in navy blue and gold to “celebrate the moment, the transition between childhood and adulthood, the midway point between before and after.


“But is it really that important?” she asked. “Sure, but if you think about it, so is every other moment. Today is magical, not because we are graduating, but because it is today. Graduation is just an arbitrary reference point in our wonderful lives.”

Salutatorian, Emily Yu, told her fellow Knights to look past their mistakes.

“As we plan for the future, remember but don’t be defined by our past grades, late arrivals, mistakes, and achievements,” Yu said. “High school is merely an end of a chapter, and now we’re free to set the course of our own lives.

“We will certainly face unknowns and doubt our decisions and their consequences. But let me let you in on yes, another cliché: no one knows what they’re doing. So move forward strong with your convictions and not be limited by the skepticism and expectations that others may place upon you.”

Principal Michael Marano welcomed parents, friends, teachers, family and the graduates. Daniel Celluccci, 2018 class president, gave remarks and School Board President Chris McCune spoke to the graduates.

The presentation of the class was made by Superintendent Dr. Jim Scanlon, with school board members McCune, Randall Spackman and Gary Bevilacqua awarding the diplomas.

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