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Henderson student has ties to Parkland


A local student has strong ties to Parkland and grieves for a friend.

Henderson High School junior Taylor Turner attended Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida as a freshman. Turner was friends with 17-year-old Helena Ramsay, who was shot and killed in the Feb. 14 school shooting. The last time she saw Ramsay was last year at a friend’s birthday party. They kept in contact via text messages.

“It’s awesome that it is a nationwide event and we’re not letting the victims be pushed away or brushed under the carpet like a lot of them have been,” Turner said. ”So, it is really awesome to be part of it and learn from other people and other states, and help other people.

“I’m proud. I’m really proud to be a part of it. I think it is awesome that we are finally taking a stand and we’re fighting for changes that need to happen.”


What would the student directly impacted by school shooting say to her elected officials?

“I would say that I’ve talked to a lot of people that don’t feel safe in school,” she said. “School is a place where you should feel safe, secure, and be able to learn without the fear of somebody coming in and killing you, your friends or your teachers.

“I would say that we need to pass gun control to make it (school) a safer place because these people are getting guns that shouldn’t be able to have guns. If we don’t allow ‘at risk’ people to have guns and we limit the amount of guns out on the streets, it would be a lot safer.”

Turner is frustrated by the inaction of politicians to pass stricter gun laws.

“It feels like our current political system is very polarized,” she said. “You’re either on this side or that side and there is no in between. I think that this issue is definitely a bipartisan issue and that it’s not one side or the other.

“We need to get something done to make kids safe. The second amendment covers our right to bear arms and I do believe that people should be able to have guns. My uncles are hunters. They have guns, but they safely keep their guns.

“There are teachers at this school that have guns at their homes, but they lock them up; they take certain precautions. I just think we need stronger background checks and make sure that people that have criminal records, or if they are unstable, they shouldn’t be able to have access to guns. But, I’m not saying that we should completely get rid of guns.”

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