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Grades, draft needs, offseason questions for eliminated NFL teams after 2017 season into playoffs


NFL Nation reporters grade the regular seasons for each team out of the playoffs, assess what position each should target in the 2018 NFL draft and look ahead to a few looming offseason questions. Click the links after each team to view the full posts. More teams will be added after the 4:25 p.m. ET matchups.

The Bears lost 10 games for the fourth straight year. Even with Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers hurt for much of the season, the Bears never contended in the NFC North. Read more.

Is there a limit for catastrophe? The Browns followed the worst season in team history (1-15 in 2016) with a more miserable experience, for fans and the team. Read more.

Expectations were high for the Cowboys coming into 2017 after they had the NFC’s best record in 2016. They have to be considered one of the league’s biggest disappointments. Read more.

The Lions couldn’t sustain the hot 3-1 start to the season because they failed in almost every big spot other than their Week 4 win against the Vikings. Read more.

The standard in Green Bay, at the very least, is the playoffs, if not a Super Bowl. So when you’re eliminated from postseason consideration with two games to play, it’s viewed as a disaster. Read more.

The Texans finished with a losing season for the first time under Bill O’Brien, struggling in the second half of the year after Deshaun Watson tore his ACL. Read more.

Injuries. Poor second-half play. And more injuries. Highlighted (or lowlighted) by Andrew Luck’s shoulder injury, the Colts put 18 players on injured reserve this season. Read more.

The Giants couldn’t stop anybody (32nd in total defense), couldn’t score points (31st) and struggled on special teams. Quick recap: They stunk everywhere. It was a disaster of a season. Read more.

The title of the season should be, “The Team That Couldn’t Finish.” The Jets were a three-quarter team, pushing some of the best teams in the league into the fourth quarter — and then collapsing, sometimes in stunning fashion. Read more.

An 8-8 record is impressive given the Redskins’ schedule and injuries. But they were 1-5 in games against division winners, and they were 6-0 against teams that entered the season finale with a losing record. Read more.

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