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Someone swapped photos of Trump with his animatronic, and plz let my mom know I am dead


This photoshop says a thousand words, all of which are “help.”

For Twitter user’s @Bornmiserable’s latest creation, he swapped photos of the real Trump with his now legendary Disney animatronic figure. The result was just as upsetting as you always imagined it would be.

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@BornMiserable says it’s an improvement, which I cannot independently verify as this image has turned me into stone.

“I’ve done several Trump Photoshops and when I saw that animatronic figure, I just thought it would make more sense to put it in place of him — just about as much of a human being as he is,” @BornMiserable told Mashable.

Image: bornmiserable/twitter

Image: bornmiserable/twitter

Image: bornmiserable/twitter

When Disney world introduced the Trump animatronic two weeks ago, it was met with fairly universal horror. Critics accused the artist of modeling Trump after a Chucky Doll and/or Hillary Clinton, which is both fair and accurate.

Frankly, I’d take the animatronic over the real one. Animatronic 2020!

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